The state of the art in marine battery energy storage

Our vision is to bring high quality, safe and concurrently cost-effective battery systems to the marine industry. To this end, AYK, using lessons learned from our years of experience, dating back to the first marine type approved battery, has developed several battery models to address the whole spectrum from high power to high energy applications.

Chris Kruger
President, founder
Core advantages


Developed by the most experienced team in marine energy storage using best practices leaned over the last 15 years


The safest battery available today, equipped with the most advanced BMS, in-module active thermal runaway protection, and the industries safest chemistry, Lithium Iron Phosphate

Continuous Research & Developement

Continuous improvement utilizing cloud-based data analysis and laboratory testing

ARIES Series

Flagship marine system for energy applications with high energy density. Good for deep discharge applicaitons such as fully electric ferries or tugboats.

230 or 460 AH

Energy density up to

126 or 135 WH/KG


IP 67

ORION Series

Marine power battery suitable for high C-rate applications. Good for high peak power applciations such as spinning reserve or peak shaving on Hybrid vessels such as OSVs, drill rigs or hybrid tugboats.
Energy density up to

99 or 108 WH/KG


IP 67


180 or 270 AH


Elegent light power application battery with a compact easily manageable module design good for smaller high speed vessles with tight spaces.
Energy density up to

103 or 126 WH/KG


IP 67


228 or 560 AH


Super high energy terrestrial containerized battery up to 2.8MWh/20' container, good solution for portable battery system, remote microgrids or renewable applications.
Energy density up to

137 WH/KG


IP 67


608 AH

Phoenix Series

To be unveiled soon
Energy density up to



IP 67



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April 12, 2023
PSV to get containerised battery in live fish carrier conversion
A platform supply vessel (PSV) is set to get a containerised battery system as part of its conversion to a live fish carrier (LFC) in Turkey.
October 11, 2022
Battery maker AYK Energy and Western Baltic Engineering strike partnership to electrify inland waterway transport
Lithuanian ship designer Western Baltic Engineering (WBE) is accelerating the development of its recently unveiled electric ‘pusher’ vessel with the signing of a new partnership with rapidly expanding battery maker AYK Energy.
June 21, 2022
Electric & hybrid marine EXPO EUROPE
AYK Energy is going to show in public for the first time at the electric and hybrid marine technology expo in Amsterdam. Come by our booth at RAI and learn about our brand, story, and the most important, our highly safe & competitive product for marine application.
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